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Motor Vehicle Taxes


Motor vehicles are assessed at 70 percent of their average retail value on each October 1st assessment date.  Vehicles which have active registrations October 1st appear on the October 1 Grand List, with tax bills due the following July.  Vehicles which are registered after October 1, but prior to following August 1 appear on the supplemental grand list and are taxed from the month they are registered through the following September 30th. The bills for these 'supplemental motor vehicles' are issued and are due in January following the end of the assessment year.

Please not that if you have sold your vehicle and did not transfer the registration to a new vehicle, you must cancel your Connecticut Registration to avoid subsequent taxation.  Our office receives our Motor Vehicle listing directly from Motor Vehicle Department annually. 

If you received a tax bill for a vehicle you have disposed of prior to the October 1 assessment date, please see Motor Vehicle Property Tax Credit to determine what documentation you must provide to the Assessor to correct your bill.  This adjustment is not automatic and only occurs when proper documentation is provided to the Assessor by the taxpayer.


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