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Welcome to the Windsor Locks Youth Services Bureau Resources page!

At the Windsor Locks Youth Services Bureau, we know that our website visitors are looking for resources on a variety of topics.  We have provided a list of links to resources on a variety of topics including substance abuse.  If you need information on a topic not listed here, please contact Sarah at 627-1482.

You are the Key! Keep Alcohol and Drug Free! 

 Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Al-Anon- For over 50 years, Al-Anon (which includes Alateen for younger members) has been offering hope and help to families and friends of alcoholics. Website:

Capital Area Substance Abuse Council- The Capital Area Substance Abuse Council (CASAC) is a private/public partnership comprised of community leaders and citizens who develop and carry out strategies to reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use in our communities.  Website:

Century Council-  The Century Council is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking.  Website:

Northeast Communities Against Substance Abuse- Northeast Communities Against Substance Abuse also known as (NECASA) is an organization that works to reduce the prevalence of substance abuse within communities.  We strive to educate the public regarding substance abuse-related issues and provide services to youth and adults in need of assistance or information. Website:

Parents. The Anti-Drug.-  This is an informational website providing information to parents and caregivers regarding a wide variety of drugs used by youth.  It also includes advice on talking to youth about substance use, warning signs, fact sheets, and resources.  Website:

Street Drugs-  This website defines a variety of drugs using terms used by some youth and terms on the streets.  It also shares information regarding popular drugs and signs of use.  Website:

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