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State Elderly Benefit


                                             Circuit Breaker Program

The Circuit Breaker Program provides Tax Relief for Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners. This program is a State Program that the Town administers.

Important Facts to Know:

· Income Guidelines are set by the State Annually
· Applicants must be 65 years old the December prior to filing, or determined to be 100% disabled by Social Security
· All forms of Income must be included, including but not limited to
             1099 from Social Security
             All Pensions and Dividends, including Veteran's Benefits
             Interest Income
             Rental Income
             Disability Payments
· The application period is from February 1st through May 15th Annually
· All information gathered by Social Services and Assessor's Office is confidential
· Qualification for State Program Automatically qualifies you for new Town Benefit
· This is an unreimbursed benefit to homeowner, ie. No lien placed on home, no payback is ever required by taxpayer or estate

For More Information, contact the Assessor's Office 627-1448


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