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Personal Property

                                         PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX NOTICE

All owners of taxable personal property are required to file declarations of such property with the Assessor of the Town where the property is located on the October 1 assessment date. This list of property is due to the Assessor's office by November 1, 2013. Failure to submit a list will result in a 25% penalty.

Items to be declared include: non-registered motor vehicles, snowmobiles, trailers, horses and ponies not used in farming, business furniture and fixtures, farming machinery and tools, mechanic's tools, electronic data processing equipment and leased equipment and machinery. All in-house businesses must declare personal property.

Real Estate and Registered Motor Vehicles are not included in these lists.

Declaration forms are available at Town Hall from the Assessor, or you can download from this website.

For your convenience, online filing is now available by clicking here.  When registering for an account use the Unique ID found on your mailing label followed by 165.  For example 12345678165.

2013 Long Form

2013 Short Form

2013 Manufacturing Exemption

2013 Manufacturing Continuation

If you lease equipment to more than three parties, please email the listing directly to the Assessor by clicking here. 


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