Wednesday July 08, 2020


50 Church Street, Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Tomorrow evening, the Town of Windsor Locks will resume conducting its business via public meetings. The open public meeting is the backbone of municipal self-governance and we are proud that we are able to resume meetings during these unusual times after only a short delay. Although all participants and members of the public will attend the meetings remotely, the meeting will be in full compliance with Connecticut’s open meetings law as modified by the Governor’s Executive Order 7B dated March 14, 2020 (see link below). Our chosen platform for our meetings is a versatile product called Zoom. The first meeting will be a Special Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday March 24 at 6:00 pm. The agenda for the meeting is available here:

The instructions for remote connection to the meeting are available here:

There are two ways for members of the public to attend meetings remotely. The preferred method is via the browser on your computer or smartphone. Each meeting will have its own unique link to connect which will be published with each agenda. The link for Tuesday’s meeting is:

If you connect via your browser, you will be able to see the meeting participants on your screen as well as participate during public comment via chat.

The second method is calling into the meeting via telephone. There are several number listed in the instructions you may use. If you connect via telephone you will need to enter a meeting ID. The meeting ID for Tuesday’s meeting is: 307 960 328

Due to the extensive social distancing precautions being taken, Zoom highly recommends individual meeting participants make use the audio from their PC or smart phone, so the dial-ins are not necessary at all. Using such devices will offer the best audio quality and does not involve dialing by phone and therefore won’t be impacted by the audio dial in overloading.

Executive Order 7B dated March 14, 2020

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