Renters Rebate
Friday December 04, 2020


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Application Dates: April 1 - October 1

  • Claimant must have resided in Connecticut for any one-year period prior to filing an application for a partial rebate of his/her rent and utility bills.
  • Claimant, or spouse if domiciled together, must have been 65 years of age by the end of the calendar year preceding the filing period; or be 50 years of age or older and the surviving spouse of a renter, who at the time of his death, had qualified and was entitled to tax relief under this chapter, provided the spouse was domiciled with the renter at the time of his death.
  • Persons under 65 years of age who are receiving Social Security Disability or disability payments deemed comparable by the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management are also eligible (Government or Railroad disability plans). Applications filed under the disability provision must be accompanied by current proof of disability.

Proof of Income:

  • Wages, bonuses, commissions, gratuities and fees; self-employment net income
  • Gross Social Security (Box 5 of SSA 1099), Federal Supplemental Security Income, payment for jury duty (excluding travel allowance),
  • Dividends, interest and annuities
  • IRA distributions
  • Black Lung payment
  • Green Thumb payments
  • Interest resulting from gifts received
  • Lottery winnings
  • Net Rental Income
  • Pensions, Veterans's pension, Railroad Retirement
  • Severance pay, Unemployment compensation
  • Workers Compensation
  • Alimony
  • Anthem Sale of Stock (entire proceeds)
  • Energy Assistance Approval Letter

Other documents needed:

*     Rent receipts or rental ledger showing payments made 

*     Utility payments made  


Please call 627-1446 or email [email protected] for an appointment


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